Fandom Friday’s

What better way to start the weekend than geeking out over our favorite fandoms!?

Each week I will highlight 3 Fandoms between Friday and Saturday. As some fandoms are larger they may be featured more than once but never the same topic! For instance, when I feature Harry Potter one time may be dedicated to House Pride while another to Quiddich or lore!

The best part is I want to know what your favorite fandoms are!!! I will use suggestions from my amazing readers and friends to pick out the fandoms I feature!

From there, I will make 3 separate posts with the highlighted fandom between Friday and Saturday.

To submit a Fandom Suggestion you can leave a comment below or use my Contact Me form with the following:

  • Fandom Name
  • Anything specific you want mentioned about it
  • Your favorite aspect

There are no limitations to what you can suggest and what I will feature (within reason of course)!! Your fandom can be books, movies, TV shows, comics, games, or any other pop culture media you consume and love!

If you are a fellow blogger I would love to link your blog to your post suggestion as well!

Show me the meaning of haste and give me your suggestions!!

Featured Fandoms!

#1 Pokemon 

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