Beautiful Disruption

It is incredible to think that every day is a series of unpredictable rhythms. I say unpredictable because regardless of how well the day is planned something will go amiss. Whether it goes off track due to external or internal circumstances is a gamble. Heck, it could be a nasty combination of both.

The beauty in the unpredictability is profound by my measure if one only allows it to be. Getting stuck in traffic on the way to work is torture as the minutes slowly tick away, a silent countdown to an inevitable scolding from the boss. Sitting in traffic can also be a peaceful moment to enjoy the scenery and accept that we are not in control. The sun only rises once a day so sitting in traffic gives the uncommon opportunity to admire the colors and clouds.

Bosses probably don’t fully agree (or at least can’t admit it because it would be unprofessional) but I’ve come to appreciate these small disruptions in my life. I can’t avoid them, I can’t change most of them, so what purpose could there be to allowing them to mar my otherwise calm and bright attitude?

I won’t lie to you, this isn’t an easy perspective to hold onto. Particularly when there are other factors involved like an important morning meeting, missed breakfast, or even just a tumultuous morning in general. It’s actually quite easy to dwell on the mishaps and chaos and sink into a pitiful lump of angry emotion.

There are some days these disruptions frankly just piss me off and my best efforts can’t seem to throw off that poor reaction. I like to think of these as perfect moments of self-reflection and growth. Yes, I reacted poorly and probably let the situation mean a lot more than it needed to. Now though, I have something to improve on and work out. I get a giddy when I can improve on something because having a goal for myself is better than jelly beans.

In any case, most disruptions are like waves on the ocean. Uncontrollable, unpredictable, and unprecedentedly beautiful. I’ll do my best to ride those waves and enjoy my surroundings knowing that I’ll get to exactly where I need to be.

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