Ramblings of an Inspired Mind


Can I just start by saying that I love this word!? Seriously, just seeing the word makes me inexplicably happy.

It’s such a bright and beautiful word.

It’s also drastically underused, though, that very well may add to its wonder.

For whatever subconscious reason, this word has always been a sort of muse for me appearing when I’m utterly inspired or in need of some external motivation.

I even have a World of Warcraft character inspire by the word. I tried to name my rogue “Glimmer” but it was taken, of course (if you have the toon named Glimmer on the Emerald Dreams server, I’m eternally jealous). I also tried Shimmer, Shine, Stary, and Whimsy. All taken.

Obviously I’m not very creative when it comes to naming conventions but equally obvious is that a number of other people also aren’t that creative either!

Finally I settled on Whimmer. A fanciful mix of whimsy and glimmer. I was quite proud of my only slightly more creative name.

I always feel uplifted when I play this character because the name just makes me smile and feel good.

It’s the little things in life that make it wonderful. The random words that resonate with us, the topics that excite us, or even just a specific weather that we enjoy.

Why not embrace it?


The shining shimmer of dew on grass in the morning sun.

The gentle sheen of refracted light in a cut gem.

The luminescent glow of moonlight on the calm ocean waves.

The essence of beauty and fascination.

Have a beautiful day!


— Read on dailypost.wordpress.com/2018/04/13/glimmer/

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