Writer’s Coffee

I honestly have no clue how to categorize the stream of consciousness that led to this particular tidbit of a post, really. I was thinking today about random things and fell upon the subject of coffee.

I have a bit of an addiction some would say. I can barely function without coffee and quickly become a scrutinizing, growling monster of a woman. It’s honestly not too horrible for me personally but I’ve been told by my fiancé and closest friends it’s a pitiable situation to find themselves in.

I can’t stand black coffee. My cousin would joke (I think she’s serious, actually) that black coffee is engineer’s coffee. Strong, to the point, and purposeful. Adding creamer, sugar, and such is pointless filler. It makes the final product beautiful but less effective. Artist jumbo jumbo. Seeing as she’s a mechanical engineer and drinks her coffee as black as night, I can only assume this to be truth.

We chatted and decidedly called my coffee, sprinkled with ample amounts of delicious flavored creamer, writer’s coffee. With beautiful swirls of flavor and a rich aroma it both soothes and encourages the soul. All that extra filler gives layer after layer of purpose and intent doused in inspiration.

Lately, my creamer of choice is called Toasted Marshmallow Mocha. It’s just a fancy way to say s’mores sans graham cracker. Otherwise known as perfectly delicious. The day this runs out of stock or is discontinued, I will probably mourn at least a little.

Do you have a drink of choice? Do you drink coffee? Are more of an engineer or writer coffee person? I’d love to hear the thoughts of others!!

35 thoughts on “Writer’s Coffee

  1. Whoever said money makes the world go round obvs never had a love affair with coffee.

    That creamer sounds amazing…. caramel fan here. Must be sweet but other than that coffee is a must in any form 😍 xx

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    1. Truer words have rarely been written! Although, more money more coffee! Lol.

      Caramel is definitely in my top 3. Hazelnut is my number 2! Agreed though that sweet and in coffee form is the formula for success and happiness.

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    1. Lol!! That’s amazing. 😂😁 Iced coffee is so beautiful and I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can enjoy it fully again! Dunkin has some amazing seasonals. I’m particularly fond of their mint chocolate.

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    1. I haven’t been able to find a quality cappuccino since visiting Seattle last October. I made the mistake of getting one from a little local shop and now I can’t find one that meets that standard lol! Cappuccinos are so good.

      Chocolate is always a perfect compliment to coffee! Must agree coffee is a blessing in and of itself!


      1. Oh that’s so exciting! Congratulations!! Yeah, coffee and new babies definitely go hand in hand. I don’t know how non-coffee drinkers survive those first few months with a newborn especially. It’s impressive!!

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  2. hmmm… I absolutely love my morning coffee and prefer it as americano with a dash of milk, no sugar. On the weekends I treat myself to a proper latte. My piping hot coffee is absolutely the highlight of my morning and I cannot imagine not having it. People who say that they ‘gave up the coffee’ truly puzzle me. WHY would anyone do that?

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    1. I’ve never had an Americano! I always worry it’ll be too bitter for me and I won’t like it. Someday I’ll have to give it a shot! Yeah, giving up coffee entirely is just cruel. I’ll give up chocolate before coffee lol!

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