Weekend Musings

This weekend has been a blur! Not particularly relaxing but a good one none the less. I actually feel calmer at work today if that’s possible (it must be since I’m experiencing it, unless of course this weekend left me less than sane).

Friday was most notable as I hit quite a few personal blogging achievements! Over 1,000 all time view holy wow and approximately 20 new followers plus my best day for likes and comments. My goodness I am overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement (also a little fear that I’ll never top that day)!!

Before I go onward, welcome to all my new readers!! I am so thankful for you all and hope you enjoy my posts from here on out!

Thank you everyone for the engagement new and established! Can’t wait to hear from you all some more!

Saturday and Sunday were both filled with toddler shenanigans, housework, and a healthy amount of rushing around like a crazy person! If you’ve never had the pleasure of cleaning house with a toddler it is a lot of putting the same thing away 6-7 times, saying no that doesn’t go in the toilet! I’m or what did you just throw away?!? Oh goodness my keys!, and random spouts of dancing for no better reason than it just feels right.

Needless to say, my house still isn’t clean. It probably won’t be for many years. I’m OK with this.

My favorite part was my toddler gibbering “Mama! Halba dabama waddleda, ance ance!” which I translated to “Mama, hold my waffle so I can dance!”. I will admit the translation would be impossible without the help of her furiously thrusting her waffle into my hands so she could burst into some serious and impressive dance moves. I was proud I chose to not give her syrup with breakfast.

It was so busy that I couldn’t even sneak in a blog post, not even once! I was starting to go through withdrawals. I didn’t realize how much blogging improves my mood and uplifts my day until I didn’t get to do it honestly. I’ll be making a more valiant effort to fit in a tiny post at least once a day for my own benefit more than anything! Hopefully I can always entertain someone though!

I am excited to see what this next week brings!

How was your weekend? Are there any activities you find have a big impact on your day and mood?

3 thoughts on “Weekend Musings

  1. I spent the weekend helping my parents’ clean our their attic and basement. Now that they’ve sold their house it’s time to get ready for the move. My dad gets quite breathless from his cancer treatment and it frustrates him that he can’t do everything he used to. I’m still stiff and yesterday I was exhausted, but having helped them made it all worth it ❤

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    1. I hope your dad can get his energy back and reach full remission sooner rather than later! Cancer treatments are so challenging for the patient. My fiancé’s family has had quite a few people undergo treatment in the last few years and it’s never easy. That’s so awesome you got the chance to help them and enjoy some time with them! 🙂 There’s something special about helping
      parents as grownups.

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