Something Dreadful

Laying in my bed at night I will sometimes get the eerie feeling someone, no, something is watching me. That ominous paranoia that floats near my head as I bundle tight in my sheets and blankets yearning for a sense of security.

Dreams fill my mind throughout the day. Beautiful images of deepest desires and goals I can’t wait to reach. Sunsets on a beach with a fully charged laptop by my side and loved ones playing without restraint or worry.

They abandon me at night. In their wake a more sinister part of the mind opens for me to wade through. Nightmares gift me with their treasures as I try to slip into a deep enough sleep to evade their prying nails.

I feel the bed around me shake as Something beneath it reaches out and pulls my fortress from my grasp. I try to peek through my eyes to see the culprit but I cannot force my eyelids apart. I cannot move, I am paralyzed. Stuck waiting for Something to creep up and snatch me away into Nothingness.

I must fight I think in a panic. It takes all my strength to finally open my eyes. I see the room distorted before me filled with shimmering mist and darkness. Beautiful and deadly, I know it must be Something awful.

With a start, I wake to find myself in an empty room. No Somethings to be found, sheets only disturbed by my abrupt leap into alertness. A nightmare, the mist must have never been and Something hid itself away again.

This constant game of back and forth, a vile tag I can never win, wears on my very soul. My body and mind both wary from fearful nights and merciless Somethings creeping all about.

Slowly, the Something creeps into my day pushing those hopeful, colorful dreams farther from my reach. Devious power emanating from my mind but it isn’t mine. It’s latched into me though like an invisible parasite, feeding on any positivity and light I try to keep. My own mini Dementor inside my own head.

I fret. Fret the coming night when I must, again, face Something bigger than myself. Something I can neither see or feel in my waking hours and Something I cannot defend against in my most vulnerable sleep.

What if, I think, what if I can be bigger than myself, too? How can I grow and quickly as to overcome this Something foe? By dreaming?

Yes, yes that should work! Dream until I’m fit to burst, drown the Dementor in my head with such strong positivity it chokes and flees! Yes, we’ll try this scheme and see what it reaps!

Fretting it seems only makes Something’s strength bigger than me but perhaps, just perhaps, dreaming can make Me bigger than myself.

This is a little darker than I usually write and a completely different format than I’m accustomed to. It’s inspired by my experience with sleep paralysis, a phenomenon where your mind wakes up before your body leaving you temporarily unable to move. For me, it pairs with recurring nightmares causing a lot of restlessness and worry throughout my day.

I would love any feedback you have on my writing since I’ve never done a short story or creative writing piece! Positive or negative are all welcome!!

Thank you for reading!!

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7 thoughts on “Something Dreadful

  1. Nice work. Experimenting with style and theme is always a good idea. Consider putting the second paragraph ahead of the first and see how it reads to you. Play around with the transition from day to night. I like the piece! And I hate sleep paralysis. When it happens to me, there is usually a sheet covering my face or pillow nearby. I’m going to suffocate and am helpless because I can’t move. Those are the dreams that stay with me. Yuck.

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    1. I will give that a shot! I didn’t give a lot of thought to that particular transition so I will have to go back and fiddle with it some to see what I can uncover! Thanks for the constructive feedback!!

      Those dreams sound terrifying. Sleep paralysis is something I wouldn’t wish on anyone!

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