Sunshine for Days!

Holy cow, guys! What a week this has been with ups and downs and in betweens galore. It isn’t even Friday yet!

For starters, thank you every single person who has followed, liked, or read my blog! I hit a major achievement this afternoon of 500 total likes on my blog! That is insane!

That is more than all the likes I got on Facebook ALL OF LAST YEAR! My brain is actually in shock and amazement at this number. When I started this whole ordeal I was skeptical that people would enjoy reading my thoughts and such but it turns out people do! 500 times people did! 500 moments of hopefully positive emotion and smiles. That is incredible.

So thank you from the deepest part of my heart for being a part of my blog. I hope I can continue to earn your friendship, likes, and engagement. img_5575 Alright now that I have gotten all sappy on you I have more stuff!

To top off this amazing achievement some of the outstanding bloggers I have had the pleasure of interacting with have nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger Award!

I also received two nominations for the Three Quotes, Three Days challenge!

Needless to say, I have A LOT of posts to catch up on it seems. I adore doing these challenges but I have found that I am spending so much time on them that I am not writing much else these days. My solution is I am going to dedicate one day a week (two if there are more than usual) to writing up all the challenges, nominations, etc.

This will do a few things.

One! Give me time to properly answer the questions, thank those who nominated me, and nominate other bloggers. I won’t lie, the Liebster Award took me almost two hours to write up. I am dreadfully slow at these. Over-thinkers unite!?

Two! It will give me time to keep creating actual blog posts for people to read in addition to my small tid-bit posts and nomination posts!

Three! it will also give me time to keep reading new blogs. I love all the blogs I follow and try to read their content daily. I also try to nominate a blog only once for a challenge or award within a week or so. Spread the love kind of thing. Figuring out who to nominate has become a challenge in and of itself because I don’t follow as many blogs as I thought I did. With the exception of 5-10 blogs right this second, the people I want to nominate either nominated me, were nominated by me for another award within the last week, or were nominated at the same time as me… You see the problem? The Sunshine Award asks for 11 nominations… three nominations for me means finding 33 bloggers to nominate myself. I don’t even have 11 to nominate right now!

I love, love, love these nominations. Bloggers supporting bloggers is a BEAUTIFUL thing. However, I also love writing and interacting. My middle ground will be that day I focus on awards! 🙂 Saturday night I will post them all including any I receive after this post.

I still want to do the three quotes, three days posts daily if I can but I might spread it out between every other day.

With that, I do want to give a preliminary thank you to each of the wonderful blogs who recognized mine this week and were so kind to think of me when considering who earned the Sunshine Blogger Award!

  • She, author of The Door Is Alarmed . This blog is truly one of a kind. The story She is writing is absolutely captivating and mysterious. I am pacing myself as I read it because it is one I am already totally entranced by. 100% worth every moment of time spent reading. I don’t want to give anything at all away by providing a summary but you should definitely go check it out!
  • Stellar and Misti of Mistella. This couple takes their readers on a journey of love, curiosity, and self-reflection through their posts. They really have a little bit of everything between poetry, short story, quotes, and all together unique posts. They share a pleasant, honest perspective of the world that can brighten up any day.
  • Lana of Welcome to Our Campfire. If you have ever wondered what it is like to have a large family, to run a small business (a home daycare no less), to be a morning person, having a vegan family, camping, and so many more amazing things GO CHECK OUT HER BLOG. Now. Go. Literally, her posts are so varied in subject matter that I think almost anyone in the world can find at least one or two posts that make them smile.

If you don’t follow these amazing writers yet, now has never been a better time to check their work out.

Thank you again for all your amazing support, interaction, and friendship. I cannot wait to keep writing and keep seeing your beautiful usernames!


20 thoughts on “Sunshine for Days!

  1. These things are definitely a labour of love! I enjoy finding new blogs from them though and recommending my friends do its worth it to me.
    Don’t get hung up on the rules. They’re incidental! Nominate more or less, Don’t answer all the questions, change what you ask your nominees to do! The primary aim is just to acknowledge a blog I enjoy reading, to share other blogs I want to promote or to find other blogs to follow. If all of those occur it’s a bonus!

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    1. They are absolutely worth it, I agree! I love how great they are to find and recommend new blogs, too. I have no idea why I didn’t think of changing it up. I get so caught up in the word “rules” sometimes that I put myself in a little box! I can leave the box but totally convince myself I can’t. I’m going to have to reconsider my once a week idea with that in mind and figure out how to meet those aims! 🙂 Thanks a ton for the input and thoughts!!

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  2. Good plan on dedicating one or two days a week to write award and challenge posts!! I wait till end of the month and get to all awards and challenges end of the month or beginning of the month!:)

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  3. Wow, thank you for such kind words about my blog. Blushing through my eye sockets!! You are so kind!

    Am definitely with you when it comes to taking time to write awards up and finding nominees. It does take a lot of time. I like to Think on things too before I write. Let things stew; it is a well of creativity!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! Some of the questions are so interesting and I feel like I’m doing a disservice by not thinking them through! I’m excited to post them all today!!


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