Oh My Goodness, Thanks!!

So I shared yesterday that I had a lot to be thankful for as I find this blogging experience to be much more celebrated and successful than I ever anticipated!

Today I get to say more Thank You’s to the 100+ people who follow me!! I hit 100 followers today!! I’m seriously flabbergasted and am utterly thrilled.

I really did start this adventure as a healing and finding myself project. I had no idea I’d make friends, find inspiration, and get so much more out of it!

I’ll keep writing and hopefully you’ll all keep enjoying!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

I literally couldn’t have gained what I have without you amazing people.

What are you celebrating today!? I want to celebrate with you!!

36 thoughts on “Oh My Goodness, Thanks!!

      1. Thanks. I guess I just feel discouraged even though I have just begun my blog. I know I should be patient. Never been one of my virtues. I look at lots of blogs every day, because I do enjoy reading what others have to say, but nobody seems to go look at what I have to say. Thanks again!

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      2. Look for the “First Fridays” threads on the Daily Post. Its automatically set in your reader. Post there to interact with other bloggers also. 😊 It’ll happen, it isn’t a quick process though.

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      3. Yes you can blog there until your blog is a month old – post your link and a brief introduction and read others too – it’s very much tit for tat! Make use of it every week! Also since I see your blog is very image based, seek out photo challenges, use the search option in the reader. You’ll find other like minded blogs to follow there too

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      4. It’s ok to feel a little discouraged but don’t let it dissuade you from posting! If you keep posting things that make you happy and engaging with people, your success will find you. ❤️


    1. I think a lot of it is due to engaging with other bloggers on First Friday’s, community pool, and looking at new blogs a lot. Connecting with other people is a really easy way to find new content and for people to find you!

      I like to think just writing whenever the fancy strikes helps too. People enjoy reading about random life things as much as informative pieces.

      🙂 Thank you also for the congrats!!


    1. My sidebar includes all my Facebook and Twitter contacts as followers since I have all my posts auto-share to my social media. Of those on my social media’s only 4-5 view or read my blog posts so I tend to forget it reflects that!

      I probably should have been more specific that I have 100 WordPress followers rather than total. 🙂

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