Calling of the Wind and Sun

I’ve accumulated a number of haphazardly mashed together poems to express the intense inner conflict concerning the need of employment and the need for personal fulfillment. Sometimes the stage of life we are in prevents us from doing the things our souls scream for and our hearts burn for. We have to make compromises and patiently await the day we can resume a style of life that allows innermost desires to be chased. The need to provide structure and stability for my family inhibits my ability to meet my need for freedom and outdoor experiences. It’s a fair trade but that doesn’t make the toll feel any less impactful as I stare at the world I cannot enjoy how I wish to… yet. I must focus on yet.

Restless, wanting, energetic.

A world laying just out of reach

With beauty burning bright and strong.

Motionless, dreaming, fanatic.

A cloud strewn sky and a wave loved beach

If only going wouldn’t be so wrong.


Physically just a pane of glass is keeping me

A simple door hiding me from the breeze

A building built for productivity

A voluntary prison sentence in exchange for paper


Craving the caress of the wind on my winter weathered skin.

An overwhelming sense of need and adventure blooming within.

Fireworks in my soul explode and sizzle as the world beckons.


A moments notice,

A peaceful adventure calling out,

Up and out we venture forth.

Cool air kissing cheeks and warm sun holding hands.

A hazy dream of the future path paved by the determinations of today.

Despite the melancholic and even resentful tone I felt while writing these, at the end of my vigorous writing session I was able to focus on the fact that everyday spent inside these business walls brings me closer to a life where I can take a day off whimsically to enjoy the perfect weather, paint, day drink, and enjoy good company. In 10 years I may find myself waking up on a shoreline, enjoying a sunrise campfire, and spend the afternoon writing my next novel and day drinking. It’ll come. I just have to work hard and be patient. ❤️

What is your daydream you hope to make a reality? Do you believe sacrifice now is worth the potential happiness later in life?

I hope everyone is having a beautiful day!


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