The Koala Hug and A Thanks

Disheveled and disgruntled I woke up about 20 minutes late this morning. Immediately I was plunged into a chaotic whirlwind as I tried to get myself and daughter ready so we could be on our way. Before becoming a parent, I will admit I was unforgiving when it came to tardiness.

Nowadays, it is my daughter’s personal mission to ensure I am running late at least once a month. For example today, despite my 20 minute late start I still had enough time to make it to daycare drop-off and work by my designated start time. I pulled on the outfit I chose last night, double checked the diaper bag, then woke the beautiful, peaceful baby to dress her.

At this point my beautiful, peaceful baby becomes a three foot tall, hyperactive, hug-addicted maniac. It goes a little like this:

Me: Changes diaper.

Her: Demands hug.

M: Hug. Pulls her shorts on.

H: Demands hug.

M: No hug – we’re getting dressed.

H: Crying and attempted shorts removal.

M: Resecures shorts. Attempts to pull shirt over Her head.

H: Refuses shirt before hugs. Contorts arms and legs to prevent shirts.

M: (Getting desperate) Fine-hug fast then pulls shirt on. Attempt left sock.

H: Demands hugs, curls toes to prevent socks.

M: No hugs right now, not until all clothing is donned.

H: Cries. Mad at Mom. Wants more hugs because she’s mad at Mom right now. Attempts to forcefully hug. Successfully maneuvers into a Koala cuddle position around Mom’s torso. Initiated grip with the intensity of a thousand suns.

M: (Looks at Watch, should have left 5 minutes ago, Brain is going mushy).

Here is where my inner turmoil begins. Do I let my toddler control the situation by giving in to her hug demands thus unintentionally reinforcing this behavior? That sounds like a bad choice. Do I accept my fate of being super late for work and appropriately place my child in time-out and patiently waiting for her to calm down before continuing to dress her? This may result in a loss of employment. Do I start crying myself in retaliation? So far this choice seems most logical.

M: (Breathing deeply). Gives daughter big hugs. Calmly tells her I love her and know she’s having big emotions but we need to get dressed and go.

H: Nods after hug and releases death grip Koala cuddle.

M: Attempts left sock.


Is 6:23 AM too early for wine?! If this is a prediction for how my day is going to go I need a glass of wine, some chocolate, and a big cup of coffee.

Finally, 15 minutes later I got my gorgeous toddler dressed and gave her a banana which immediately cheered her up. Drove as quickly to the daycare as I safely could and eventually made it to work 15 minutes past the hour.

My boss must have sensed how my morning went because the only comment I received was “Tough morning?”.

Despite the pure chaotic nature of my sweet child I wouldn’t trade those hugs for a million cups of wine honestly. I know someday, some terrible day, she won’t want to hug me every 3 seconds or even every day. Some day in the future she will give me her last Koala cuddle. I’ll cherish them while I can even if her timing drives me batty.

Thankfully, I received some good news to ease my panics! Somehow you amazing people have liked my words 1,000 times!!! That’s insane!! I never imagined so many people would read my work and the idea that my words would inspire 1,000 likes?!? Mind boggling. Totally mind boggling. I’m humbled, honored, and completely thankful ❤️

With that, thank you all!

How did your morning go? What wonderful surprises have you faced so far? Did anything make you smile or laugh?

18 thoughts on “The Koala Hug and A Thanks

    1. Cute aggression is now my favorite phrase for the week. Maybe month! I love it.

      I would be impressed if you counted out EXACTLY 1,000 exclamation points. I don’t think I could check you on it either. My eyes would cross! 😂 Love the creativity though!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. As frustrating as those mornings can be you are taking the right path. Cherish those koala hugs, the tightly curled sock rejecting toes and that bright as sun smile that flashes as she grabs the banana.
    You are an amazing mom and I am so proud of you.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. It’s a big job all right. But I can tell it’s a big honor for you as well.
        I’ve been catching up on all your posts, because I have the weird tendency to forget to follow the bloggers I connect with, and then wonder why they don’t show up in my “Reader” feed. I’d better fix that habit, but I’ve corrected it as it concerns Wit & Whimsy. So there you have your very late new follower. 😂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. That’s awesome! I hope you enjoyed them! I do the same thing. I forget to click follow and eventually wonder where in the world the posts are at! On the bright side, better late than never!!

        Welcome and thanks for reading!! I’m excited we can connect!!

        Liked by 1 person

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