Three Days, Three Quotes; Onward and Upward

Today has been a doozy so I have been looking forward to posting this one since about 7:10am (mind you my day starts at 6am!).

A big shout out and thank you to Lyra Beloved for the nomination! She writes a lifestyle blog and so far has some very inspiring messages in her posts. I recommend giving her a moment of your time and it might make you smile like it did me!

Rules (Or Recommendations!)

Thank the blogger who nominated you.

• Post three quotes over the course of three days.

• Nominate three other bloggers.

Today I had to pass on a very alluring opportunity because it didn’t fit my family’s needs. I’m a newish Mom so this is the first time I’ve had this situation arise. It won’t be the last, I know that. I also knew this day would come.

I didn’t expect this day to come so soon or to hit me so hard though. Giving up opportunity feels like committing the ultimate professional sin. You hear so often how important and valuable open doors are and how you should grab at them every chance you get!

You don’t hear much about having to be selective. About the painstaking care some of us must take to ensure an opportunity for personal gain doesn’t make our loved ones suffer. It’s a hard decision but a necessary one not just for me but anyone balancing a personal and professional life. This goes well beyond parents, too. Caretakers, spouses, and even just friendship obligations can impact the opportunities we are willing to take.

Don’t feel guilty for being selective and aware of how your choices will ripple. Don’t feel guilty for feeling disappointment either in these situations. It’s ok to be bummed about giving up a chance you hoped would come to fruition.

Now, a word of caution. Don’t use this as a reason to ignore opportunities either! It’s a balance. ❤️ There will be an opportunity for you in the near future! There will be a positive side! There are infinite possibilities!

Ok, off my soapbox!


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