Self-Compassion and a Little Awkwardness

Letter #3. The final piece of Forgiving


Hi there self,

This is kind of awkward since I’m you and all. It’s like texting someone sitting next to you and looking at them to see the text be read. Only I’m literally right here in your head as this is being written. I’m writing it obviously.

Alright, things haven’t been the easiest lately. Have they ever been “easy” though? Let’s be real the last 5 years has been one long chaotic event. January 2018 was the tipping point where the constant stress finally broke down every wall you built.

You care about people. That’s not a weakness. You need to take care of you, too. You can’t keep trying to do it all and you can’t keep holding onto all the hurts and scrapes from friendships that didn’t work out. Even if you messed up, it’s time to let go and accept that it’s the past.

I’m not saying you have to be proud of the outcome or even that you have to like how it turned out. I’m saying you need to stop spending energy not liking how it turned out.

You’ve been avoiding going places in fear of seeing people you know don’t like you. Stop living your life constantly avoiding them! It’s so unhealthy. Also, even if they’re there the worst that happens is they say hi to you. Say hi back, excuse yourself, and go do your thing whatever that is.

A lot of people have made your kindness, acceptance, and optimism out to be a bad thing. It’s not. It’s no more a weakness than their pessimism or realism. It’s part of you and you’re strong. You’re dedicated. You’re everything you’re supposed to be and you’ll be exactly who you should be every day ahead of you.

Let’s keep striving for improvement. Let’s keep growing. Let’s keep trying to be better than we were yesterday.

At the same time, no more guilt over their feelings. No more holding onto pain because it’s a “lesson”, it’s not teaching us anymore than it already has so it’s time to set it free. No more grudges, ill-feelings, or avoidance.

We have friends who love us, family who cares deeply, and a support system we would have never dreamed of. Use it when you need it. Love it always.

Now, let’s go. ❤️

You’re going to be ok.

– Me

6 thoughts on “Self-Compassion and a Little Awkwardness

  1. i think it’s wonderful that you are able to tell yourself all of these positive things. And I hope you believe them! I’m kind of a hypocrite saying that since I struggle with believing positive things… but I definitely wish it for others!

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    1. Thank you! It’s taken a really long time to get to a point I could be nice to myself and tell myself anything positive while believing it. It takes time and effort (therapy helped a lot too lol).

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      1. I really need to find a good therapist who I truly click with. It’s so hard… I’ve seen so many and gotten nowhere. Plus money is an issue right now. But yeah… I’m guessing that might help… 🙂

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      2. I totally understand that. I’ve seen at least 5 different therapists. My most recent therapist who I got on with super well started a new job so I’m back to square one as far as professional help goes. It’s such a challenge finding reliable, trustworthy, and affordable mental healthcare! I hope you can sooner rather than later.

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