Trial by Fire and Bubbles

How is everyone today?! Man do I miss this place when I’m away even for a few days.

The insanity revolving around me is bonkers lately. Lots of exciting stuff in the works but it’s made my hopeful blogging a little unpredictable and infrequent. Which is a crying shame.

Some of you may even be wondering “Why does JBlaide keep disappearing? Is she ill?? Lost her marbles??? Facing eternal calamities????”

To all of you, thank you for your continued and loving support! Equally importantly, your patience and compassion. ❤️

I keep feeding the same line here of “I have a lot going on” and I feel because of your support and kindness, I owe you all a genuine explanation! Not because I have to but because I want to.

What has been going on exactly?!


  • I am writing a 50 page capstone project on must-have skills both interpersonal and technical to thrive in a finance based workplace. Due Jun 25th and I leave for Vacation June 22 so gotta turn it in early!
  • Planning 2 June vacations including a Comic Con in Des Moines, Iowa to meet David Tennant (holy cow!!!) and my 25th birthday bash with my extended family 6 hours away!
  • Expertly putting together my daughter’s second birthday party BBQ. Trolls themed to boot.
  • Hosting 3 BBQs (excluding her birthday) between now and July 4th.
  • Job interviews galore!! I’m vying for a promotion and have been working my booty off prepping. Wish me luck!
  • Parenting a toddler… enough said! 😜

Summer is a time of excitement but there is no shortage of things to be done.

Blogging is something I adore doing honestly and it helps keep my head on straight. Sadly though in the face of so much I have to prioritize pretty keenly or my life might fall apart after all the fun ends! That wouldn’t be nice at all.

So I Blog when I can. Read every chance I get. Smile intentionally. Dream boundlessly.

At the end of that day I still love this platform and I promise to keep on coming back every chance I get. 😘

What are your summer plans?! Have anything big going on in your life?! I love getting to know you all so jump in and let’s have a conversation! ❤️

4 thoughts on “Trial by Fire and Bubbles

  1. Let’s see…I’m baking a Trolls themed birthday cake for my glorious granddaughter’s 2nd birthday and another birthday cake for my glorious daughter’s birthday. I can’t wait to see you!!!


  2. Yikes, your schedule’s packed! But it’s all good cuz you’re excited about them😄 I love bubbles, they’re so pretty!

    I’m planning on visiting The Big Bad Wolf Book Fair at the end of June. Gotta go through my e-ARCs, too. Good luck for your capstone and vacays!


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