Falling for Autumn

I’m so ready for fall. Crisp air. Falling leaves. Decorations. Apple cider. The whole nine yards!

Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year and it always has been. It’s a time of closure and renewal for me.

This year the winter, spring, and summer all seem to be dragging on and on! I thought we’d see the beginnings of fall early since we had a short wisp of cool air flow through town this week but NOPE.

We are right back up to 96 degrees (F) with not a hint of autumn air and ALL the leaves are still bright green and exuding plenty of pollen… what a let down.

What do I do?! I bring fall to me! Anytime I get overwhelmed or a little antsy I tend to manipulate my environment to be more calming and peaceful. For me, that mean Autumn falling around me! 🍂 I have 2 ways to do this:

Candles galore. Every year I stock up on fall scents so on days where I’m feeling down and out I can pretend it’s my favorite time of year and revel in the amazing smells. My favorite right now is Magic Moonlit Pumpkin! ❤️🎃 It doesn’t smell anything like pumpkin. I can definitely smell the Magic.

Indulge in “seasonal” drinks! While “mocha” is an all year thing I tend to drink way more during the fall and winter months so to me it’s a seasonal affair. Oddly, regardless of the outside weather I’m an iced coffee kind of gal unless it’s apple cider. In addition to my amazing fall scents I grab either a caramel apple spice or an iced mocha. Occasionally I’ll go for a white chocolate mocha but that’s a more Christmas flavor for me. Today, mocha made the win.

Doing these two small things never fail to boost my mood and reinvigorate my spirit.

What are your favorite seasons and do you ever try to match your surroundings to it? Any other fall lovers around?!

I’d love to hear from you!

Have a whimsical weekend!

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