About Me

Thanks for visiting my page first and foremost!

There’s so much I want to share with the world it is hard to know where to start. This Blog, Wit and Whimsy, is a dedication to myself. After struggling with depression, anxiety, and the challenges of being a new mother I found myself gray and dull. There was a long while where only my daughter and good food could bring a genuine smile to me.

After much longer than I am proud of, I got tired of living without passion and joy in my life. I could remember days where people commented on how bright my personality was, how joyful I seemed, and how much beauty I saw in the world. I missed being that way and feeling those things.

So I changed. I jumped out of my comfortable life boat and started forcing change on myself. It started with physical activity. Yoga, cardio, more visits to the park with my toddler. Then came the perspective changes. I challenged all those negative outlooks and one by one I felt lighter. I felt like I was slowly polishing my soul back to its vibrant self.

I am not done yet. I don’t think I ever will be. There are countless challenges behind me but also in front of me. So this blog is my own personal reminder to find beauty and share it. My own personal journey to be better than yesterday. I won’t always succeed but I will never stop trying.

I share it with the world because I know I am not alone in these moments and I know other people struggle their own struggles.

I hope maybe, just maybe, some of the curious, silly, informational posts I create will help not only myself but the readers I am so lucky to attract.

Here’s to moving forward. Every day. ❤️

For fun here are a few things about me I hold pride in!

  • I am a Hufflepuff and unashamedly obsess with all thing Harry Potter.
  • I am awed and inspired by Fandom culture! If you can find it at a Comic Con I probably enjoy it.
  • I am the future wife of a gamer and streamer.
  • I love audio books and am always searching for new ones.
  • I consider motherhood by greatest challenge and accomplishment.
  • I love cliches, puns, play on words, and overly optimistic affirmations.
  • I enjoy yoga so I can enjoy more tacos.