Ask and You Shall Receive

In the last couple posts, I have talked a lot about fear. I mentioned how fear holds me back and influences my life in more ways than I appreciate or want. I even started focusing on how to overcome them and be a better version of myself. The first few days went spectacularly! It is … Continue reading Ask and You Shall Receive


3TC: The Bandit

I didn't intend on doing The Haunted Wordsmith's Three Things Challenge daily but here I am on day two! It is just so fun and addictive to tie seemingly unrelated words together into something unique and unpredictable. You should give it a go yourself by linking to her original post! Today's words are brownie, spatula, and drama.  … Continue reading 3TC: The Bandit

Kindled Inspiration

Intimacy seems to be reserved for lovers and partners in today's world but the intimacy of friendship should not be underestimated. I believe two people can be intellectually and emotionally intimate in completely platonic ways which strengthen their friendship and thus build almost unearthly bonds. Please. Inspire me. Send me your deepest desires, your haunted … Continue reading Kindled Inspiration