Falling for Autumn

I'm so ready for fall. Crisp air. Falling leaves. Decorations. Apple cider. The whole nine yards! Autumn is my absolute favorite time of year and it always has been. It's a time of closure and renewal for me. This year the winter, spring, and summer all seem to be dragging on and on! I thought … Continue reading Falling for Autumn

Three Things Challenge, 02 August 2018

So the Haunted Wordsmith does this neat little challenge where 3 random words are selected and writers put them together in some way! I am feeling adventurous so figured hey, why not give it a go?! Today’s things are: basket, xylophone, scream Honestly, I would have never known she was so mad since I couldn't hear … Continue reading Three Things Challenge, 02 August 2018

Kindled Inspiration

Intimacy seems to be reserved for lovers and partners in today's world but the intimacy of friendship should not be underestimated. I believe two people can be intellectually and emotionally intimate in completely platonic ways which strengthen their friendship and thus build almost unearthly bonds. Please. Inspire me. Send me your deepest desires, your haunted … Continue reading Kindled Inspiration