My Caffeine Crutch

I did it again… I broke down and committed my fatal folly.

It’s like my brain shuts off all logical thought processes once I feel tired. I know that drinking caffeine for energy is not only ineffective but a spiraling doomhole of sugary addiction. I know that I’ll feel alert for all of 20 minutes before I crash and crave more of the sickly sweet, oh too beautiful substance.

Yet, here I am. Ashamedly staring down my delicious Mountain Dew asking myself why my self control is that of a fruit fly faced with a ripe banana. Why do I keep making the same predictable and self-destructive decision?!

I hate being tired. I can’t say that enough times. Feeling groggy is the second worst feeling to being hungry and the horrible fact is being groggy MAKES ME HUNGRY! This combo turns off my logical thinking switch and seductively whispers “oh how delicious that Dew will taste! Go on, just one won’t hurt. Just one soda today and then back to water like we promised each other. It’ll be so satisfying!” (For the record, in my head this dialogue is voiced by Him from Power Puff Girls).

I know better, I really do. I know what snacks I should eat, what foods to pack for lunch, and how much water I should drink instead. It comes down to my self discipline… well lack thereof.

This led me to ask how in the world do I build self discipline and self control without being a miserable blob of self-loathing?

  1. Admit your shortcomings. Ok, done! I can’t handle being tired or hungry. It makes me irrational and impulses over powering.
  2. Eliminate your crutch from your life. For me, I have to stop buying soda so I can make it hard to purchase. The soda machine only takes cash so starting tomorrow I will stop bringing cash to work. No cash, no soda! I also need more sleep but ironically getting to bed on time is part of why I need this self discipline discovery!
  3. Have a plan and be prepared! Preparation and planning are key to not letting temptation and impulses reign supreme. I’m going to start making sure my water bottle is full, with me, and ready when I need it. Packing my lunch will help too because fast food people tend to hand me soda when I ask for it. Convince is the sister of impulse so making alternatives more convenient is critical!
  4. Pause-and-Plan slowly and steadily. This shocked me but Stanford University actually found that willpower is like a muscle and that it can be impacted by perception! They also found that the more you use willpower the more challenging avoiding temptation can be so starting slow is important! (This was a super interesting read! I recommend anyone give it a go!)
  5. Sleep. Well isn’t this just a bag of irony and facepalms. I need self discipline to get myself to bed on time but I need to get myself to bed on time to build self discipline. I guess in this case I’m just going to make a plan (bed by 9:30 daily) and remind myself of everything else when I inevitably don’t want to go to bed!
  6. Forgive Yourself and Keep Trucking. At some point, like today, I’m going to jump on the struggle bus again and I’ll fall into caffeine’s temptress grip again. I have to accept that I did it, forgive myself because I’m begrudgingly human, and try again tomorrow!

Self discipline is actually a very challenging subject and is a lot more like a physical exercise than a mental one. This makes it all the more complicated to build and improve on. I’ve only just begun my exploration of the topic by reading up on some articles but I think I have a solid plan!!

Most of these tips are from which I am not affiliated with! 🙂 Header Image Credit.

Do you have issues with self-control? What are your biggest challenges? Do you have anything you use to keep yourself accountable?

I’d love to hear your thoughts and opinions!!

18 thoughts on “My Caffeine Crutch

  1. This was a very interesting and entertaining read. I am addicted to sugar. My sweet-tooth has lessened considerably since I was 5, so I don’t crave candy…more like baked goods, warm, sugary drinks, and Monster…which is caffeine AND sugar, both detrimental things to your health, all in one packaged, $2.50 deal! How nice that companies know how to make terrible temptations as convenient as possible for us! 😀

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    1. I’m glad you enjoyed! They really do know their marketing stuff and make it all so easy to get our hands on. I used to be practically in love with Red Bull and Monster ❤️ The only reason I’m not now is they make me ill but I still crave them often. They’re so bad for you but taste so very good! Don’t even get me started on baked goods! Lol!

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      1. Yes!! They are carbonated heaven. And baked goods…fattening, sugary, addictive substances that you don’t even have to leave your own home to access…just your family’s well-displayed, evil cookbook. 😂

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  2. I am a true sugar addict. My husband wonders how I’m not yet diabetic (I guess we’ll see next lab go around). Half of my diet is simple sugars! I have the same issues…self control, willpower, etc. We know better, we know the consequences, but we do it anyway. (While I’m writing this I’m craving a nap, after I just had a my 2nd mocha of the day.) Great post!

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    1. Glad you enjoyed!! My diet is pretty much the same lol. I’ve tried to cut back but they’re just so comforting and yummy!! Good luck on your tests! Hopefully you don’t have to go through diabetes ever! 🙂

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      1. It’s sooo tough! Hubby gets me more proteins and veggies; but he also gets me canisters of pringles and cookies 🙂 Such an enabler. LOL

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  3. Good article. I have often thought about giving up my Pepsi habit, but it is my only crutch…and, as I tell my teenage son, the only reason he is still a teenager. Not sure if my stomach will survive his teen years, but he will…lol.

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  4. Your plan sounds great! Let us know how it goes :). I tend to agree that self-discipline is like a muscle that needs exercising. It might be easier to kick the habit if you substitute sugar with something that you actually like and look forward to? Is there any kind of healthy snack that you enjoy? Or a drink that does not contain sugar? I used to force myself to exercise until I found yoga and it made physical activity so much more enjoyable. I still have to make myself do it 5 times a week and sometimes I feel oh so lazy, but I never regretted actually doing it. OH! And I used to get these energy slumps in the early afternoons until I cut out carbs from my lunches (I still enjoy them greatly for dinners).

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    1. That’s super interesting about cutting carbs from lunch to get rid of the energy slump mid day! So far the plan isn’t going awesome lol. There have been lots of unexpected hiccups and I need to really work to overcome giving in when the water gets choppy! Sadly everything I look forward to has caffeine, sugar, or is really expensive. I unfortunately am allergic to all raw fruits and veggies (I can eat them roasted or steamed to mush but not dried or still crunchy) which has made snacking on unhealthy options all the easier. I’m still trying to find my healthy alternative that I’ll enjoy! I am trying a tea with less caffeine instead of coffee or soda so that’s a step. 😊 Patience is turning into a major aspect of this whole thing!


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